Frequently Asked Questions

What Solutions Does SERVI Provide?

Servi sets a new standard in service by relieving repetitive tasks like food running, drink delivering and table bussing. In doing so, your servers can set their focus on what really matters – exceptional service and elevated customer experiences.

Can SERVI Be Uses to Host Customers?
What SERVI Models are Available?
Where is SERVI Currently Operating?
How Much Does SERVI Cost?
Do You Offer Both Rental & Purchase?
What Services are Included with Rental?
Can I Demo SERVI Before Contract Signing?
Do You Offer a Warranty?
Do You Provide Training to Use SERVI?

Product Features

How Long Does Installation Take?
Do I Need an Internet Connection for SERVI?
What is the Maximum Payload per Tray?
How Do I Charge SERVI?

The battery is charged via wall charger and fits a standard 110 AC outlet.

What is SERVI's Battery Life?
Can I Adjust SERVI's Speed?
Is SERVI Spill-Proof / Water-Resistant?
Is SERVI NSF Certified?

Servi is actually the only robot of its kind that is certified by the NSF for local health and compliance codes.

Can I Use Rectangle-Shaped Trays?
How Tall is SERVI?
Can SERVI be Used Outdoors?
Can I Customize SERVI's Color?