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Introducing AEO

The Future of Service Robots

The Aeolus Aeo Service Robot is an autonomous assistant designed to fill many roles, including monitoring the well-being of guests in care homes and hospitals, disinfecting all areas and surfaces in your facility on a regular basis, picking up and delivering packages (using the elevator if needed), and deploying on-site security. Scanning for open doors, broken windows and uninvited guests, Aeo immediately reports a problem, showing staff in real time and recording the event via onboard live-view cameras at a fraction of the cost.

aeolus/images/aeo-4-care3.webp - Aeolus Aeo Care Home Robot

AEO Care Robot

Designed to enhance the level of service in Care Homes,
Aeo constantly monitors the well-being of your guests.

aeolus/images/aeo-4-disinfect3.webp - Aeolus Aeo Disinfecting Robot

AEO Disinfecting Robot

Using non-chemical means, Aeo regularly disinfects all areas of your facility– ensuring safe operations.

aeolus/images/aeo-4-delivery3.webp - Aeolus Aeo Delivery Robot

AEO Delivery Robot

Eliminate the hassles of running back and forth
picking up and delivery packages in your facility.

aeolus/images/aeo-4-security3.webp - Aeolus Aeo Security Robot.

AEO Security Robot

These days, site security is a major concern.
Aeo’s on the job, notifying you immediately of a problem.

Meet AEO

AEO Service Robot

Patrol public and private spaces with always-on,
real-time monitoring - at a fraction of the cost.

Guest Monitoring

In care homes, Aeo gives mmediate alarms when people under care have fallen or are at risk.

24/7 Service

Giving caregivers peace of mind around the clock, and more time to spend with guests.

Helping Hands

Pick up and deliver packages and envelopes, even using elevators, without lifting a finger.

Site Disinfection

Uses UV light to kill 99.99% of pathogens, even in hard-to-reach areas and corners.

Smart & Efficient

Object recognition locates, remembers and targets frequently-touched areas and surfaces.

Facility Security

With Aeo doing the security rounds, staff will be immediately notified of potential problems.

Industry Testimonials

AEO - Roles in Your Facility

Why Aeolus

Aeolus is proud to introduce Aeo, tomorrow’s most capable service robot, available today. With feature-sets including Care Home Guest Monitoring, Chemical-Dree Room Disinfection, Package Retrieval and Delivery, and 24/7 On-Site Security, Aeo is designed to significantly increase the quality and levels of service in these areas, while simultaneously lowering operational costs. In addition, Aeo features seamless integration, blending into your organization’s operational flow with ease. It is Scalable, with additional services or units added as needed; and is Modular, having Plug & Play Tools and Accessories added as required.

To get started, Aeolus will help you assess your needs, identifying pain points and planning solutions that meet your challenges. Next, Aeolus can demonstrate Aeo in person, allowing you to become familiar with Aeo’s operational characteristics. Finally, Aeo can be almost instantly adopted, and can be up and running within just a few hours. Supporting Aeo, Aeolus offers continuous services to overcome any operational challenges you may encounter, including unlocking additional functionality, providing maintenance, repairs and software updates, and instant upgrades to the latest hardware and software available.


Maintain a safer environment for home residents while reducing your staffing needs.


Decrease infection risk without adding harmful chemicals to your environment.


Free your staff to focus on their essential work and leave the package
deliveries to Aeo.


Patrol services for public and private spaces with always-on, real-time notification.

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