Smooth Suspension

While being substantially larger that their SERVI and SERVI Mini counterparts, SERVI Plus robots, with their three-shelf arrangement, are designed to carry larger and heavier food delivery payloads with improved speed and stability.

Designed to deliver food and drinks directly to customers' tables, as well as to carry dishes back from the table for cleaning, SERVI Plus robots use advanced navigation systems to autonomously traverse through the restaurant, avoiding patrons and

aisle obstacles, to locate correct table destinations. SERVI Plus food service robots incorporate an innovative suspension technology that allows them to glide easily over most restaurant flooring surfaces, including carpets and pavers.

SERVI Plus also coordinates with other SERVI and SERVI Mini robots throughout the venue through the SERVI systems' multi-robot mode to deliver food orders promptly and smoothly. For large table settings and big events, SERVI Plus is the food service robot of choice.